Solomia – expressions of interest

Solomia, a collaboration with SHIFT Education and Esam, is a coaching program for individuals. The program is solely for young academic women. At the core of a sustainable leadership, and good health and wellbeing is selfleadership. The aim of this program is to increase your ability to develop and maximise your personal as well as professional potential. On an individual level the aim of the program is to lift and support young women in academia, and to strengthen their ability to reach their dreams and aspirations. A contribution to equality when A longterm social ambition of the program is to contribute to a better balance between the sexes when it comes to senior positions within the public as well as the private labour market.

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Please outline why the personal development facilitated by this coaching programme is of interest to you.
Please describe what you are looking to achieve through the personal development that this coaching programme will provide you with.
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